Send MQTT from Perspective

I have installed an MQTT engine and an MQTT Transmission module.
Within Ignition, I am able to read MQTT topics (tags) and have enabled the Read/Write option.

Additionally, I have enabled the WRITE TO feature in the MQTT settings of the gateway. However, I am still unable to write or send MQTT commands from Ignition's perspective.

I would greatly appreciate some assistance with this issue, if there is someone that have any advice.

Thank you

Only SparkplugB tags can be written back.

You will have to call system.cirruslink.engine.publish() to publish the value to the MQTT engines

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Do you have an example ?

Thank you

Will test this.
I tried before, but I could not find my TAGs\MQTT topics in the Sparkplug B from Node-red.
Not sure if I can use Mosquito MQTT server (or if I need to add some settings to allow Sparkplug B)

maybe I need to use HiveMQ to get Sparkplug B to work.

Hmm cant`t figure out what I am supposed to write in the script.

system.cirruslink.engine.publish(String serverName, String mqttTopic, byte [] payload, int qos, boolean retain)

replace serverName ? or write my servername after the "ServerName" .

Do I also need to use tha Transmission plugin on the Gateway to send MQTT ?
And if so, do I use that Server in the script, or my default MQTT ?

I also wonder, if anyone actually send MQTT from Ignition with positive results, as I find this extremely hard to figure out.


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