Send project resources to other gateways via script

I know there is an EAM way of doing this, but it is very narrow, and not very flexible. We have several gateways that we’d like to keep a consistent set of templates for. Currently this comes down to copy & pasting, or manually export/importing to all gateways, which is a pain. Anyone know of a way to do this more automatic? I’d like to have a window to select templates/windows to send to all other gateways - I thought of getting the projectresource data and sending that, but the receiving gateway would receive it in the gatewaycontext, so it couldn’t actually add that to the project.

Have you used the Send Project Resources EAM task? That’s what we use to keep specific components in sync. Agree EAM is powerful, but limited in certain scenarios.

PS - I think all this will be fixed and a mute point with the new resource data formats in V8… as we will be able to move project resources around directly in the GW filesystem.

The EAM Agent tasks do exactly this, what’s missing?