Send Report Viewer


I want send a report viewer by mail each 2 hours
I create a script in a Script Module. No problem to execute this but when I create a timer script in Event Script (Gateway) I met a problem with function gui and I can’t find other function to replace it.
And I don’t want open Client on the server.
Thank you for your help


you wont be able to do this without a client open, at least not the way you are doing it with the reporting module. you could probably build a dataset that looks similar to what you have in the report viewer component thru scripting and then email that out.

The only way to accomplish this is to have an open client on the server.

This topic has been covered a few times in the forum. Here is a good read on the topic

Thank you for your information.
I know that in this case its works, but I would like generate the document automatically : no event, no client


Unfortunately you currently need to have an open client, no way around that.

your report is so basic that you should easily be able to create a dataset that nearly matches the screenshot that you attached, and then email it.

here is a post by nmudge that may help you on how to take the dataset, convert to excel, and then send it via email.


Wow. diat150’s solution is brilliant.