Send Reports by Email

Hi Everyone,
I have problem,
How can i put 5 Reports in one place using one email to send away?
When i receive Email it look like that, 5 reports will send one by one…
thanks a lots,

Each report executes and delivers on its own, independent of other reports.

To send them attached to a single email, you need to use to get each report, then use and attach all the reports.

Sorry to ask that, where can i write this expresstion, and you can show me that expresstion function

These are scripting functions, not expression functions.

If you follow the links, you can see examples of how to use these scripting functions (scroll to the bottom of the docs for the examples).

To see how to run a script from an expression function, check out the runScript() expression.

Thank you so much, i will try my best, any last advice for me…