Send tag value every 2 hours

I need to set up an alarm that sends a tag value every 2 hours, I am thinking of using any change mode in the alarm

Do you have any ideas? the value of the tag is important and we need to know by mail or text what is value every 2 hours

No need for an alarm. Just use a gateway timer event script to read the value and send the email.


Thanks for the reply, you always help me, and I never forget

How about text?

I already set up text messages and the managers like it, they asking me to set up text message for the tags value too

Haven’t done this with text, sorry. Will need an alarm after all, and a special pipeline to collect the tag value.

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How I can use the alarm with any change mode, yes, will use pipeline

I know how I can get the tag value and I know how I can set up the pipeline, just need some help to send an alarm every 2 hours no matter the condition

no dropout is needed the massage should have to send

So the alarm wouldn’t be on the tag. It would be on an expression tag that yields the minutes value from now(). Set the alarm to trigger when the value is zero. Include the other tag in the alarm’s associated data. That will let you use it in the notification’s block’s message (I think).

Yes, Sir, I think that should work
You Rock

I’ve never sent a text, but wouldn’t this work,

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Some coworkers of mine recently “emailed” phone numbers at So emailing something like - the phone received this as a text message. Worked for Verizon phones.

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Thanks for all reply, but sending a text is the easy part

I just need to know a way to send the value regularly with no condition

The gateway script @pturmel mentioned to me is the easiest.

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Can you help me with an example

I know I can use getMinute(now()) to get the minute, but I don’t know how I can reset it after reaching 120 minute

Use 60 * (getHour(now()) % 2) + getMinute(now()).

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