Send wrong command to modbus tcp

Following is the address definition for delta plc

Prefix : Y
Start : 0
End : 12
Step : None
Unit id : 1
Modbus Type : Coil
Modbus address : 1281

It was showing bad tags so checked the command passed to modbus.

Ignition is generating following command


First six Message id : 000A00000006
Unit id : 01
Function code : 01
Start Address : 0500 = 1280 Decimal
Number of Address : 0310 = 784 Decimal

Even though number of address configured is 12 so message should get 0C00 instead of 0310.

Please help. Thanks in adavance.

You probably have additional coils defined and the driver is trying to access them all in one large request. If you don’t want this behavior you can disable the “Span Gaps” setting for that device connection.

Thank You. Kevin. Which check and confirm back.

I checked and it working fine. Thanks a ton.

Original message : 010105000310
After unchecking Span Gaps
New Message : 010105000001