sendEmail Timeout

I am able to create and send emails using these same settings configured on the gateway. Why am I timing out when using the sendEmail function in event handler script.

SMSBody = event.source.parent.getComponent('TextArea_Message').text SMSSubject = "MySubject" SendToList=['']"", from="", subject=SMSSubject, body=SMSBody, html=0, to=SendToList, username='myaccount', password='mypassword')

I have tried what I found in the link below and the one within it as well, but no luck.


Can your client machine talk to the smtp server?
Is this event script executing from the client side?

Actually… the client machine I am testing on can connect, but the clients on the production floor will not have those rights. My goal is to have the server/gateway actually send and receive the email.

Nm, i just checked and it says it gets relayed through the Gateway anyhow… I should read before I post sometimes…

[size=60]I didn’t even think of that possibility until you mentioned it. My background is web over browser based so this Applet/j2ee/client stuff is a way over my head. I love all the things this software does, but I am having trouble understanding how to do some of the minor things like what I am asking here. [/size]

Is my problem with the smtp server field?
Are my parameters wrong? I noticed in the documentation that when using credentials and not attaching a file they had the variable=“value” format otherwise just passing the value.

Before changing smtp from “” to “” I got a [color=#FF0000]cannot communicate with server on port 25 error[/color]. Now I just time out.

Has anyone been able to send mail with script using gmail smtp server. My tag alerts use this same server and account with no issues.

Hmm, maybe try 587:tls , just to test that instead of ssl.

Just thought might be relevant.

holy shit... :scratch: it worked with 587:tls

... but why not with what I am using in the gateway alert settings?

The only thing I can guess here, Maybe sendEmail isn’t sourcing the ssl class of the python function?