Sending Alarm NOtifications to Multiple Recipients

I’m using Ignition 7.6.3, and trying to set up an alarm notification to be sent to several people at the same time (no escalation). I’ve added the list of users to the on call roster, but when the alarm event happens, only the first person on the list is getting the email. How do I get the notification sent to the entire roster of users at the same time?

If everyone on the roster has an email address this should work… the only thing that might be getting in the way is if you have a ‘Time Between Notification’ value set, which causes a delay between each user notified.

I don’t see a “Time Between Notification” anywhere. I see a “Delay Between Messages (seconds)” in the Notification Block. Is that the one you’re referring to?

Yeah that must be it.

You might also search for loggers for NotificationBlock and EmailNotificationProfile and set them to DEBUG before triggering an alarm… they might provide some useful info.

(in the Console on the Ignition Gateway’s Config section)