Sending command to TCP device?


Apologies if this should be posted somewhere else or is answered in the manual, I couldn’t find it anywhere.

I am trying to connect to a PilotOne Huber Chiller controller. It’s manual says that I should be able to communicate with it on TCP port 8101. The general protocol involves sending a command to the unit and receiving a response. (ie ‘what is your temperature?’ -> ‘This is my temperature’)

Looking at the ignition documentation for connecting to TCP devices, I see how to set up a devices that is continually sending data, but I don’t see how to send a command or initiate a query to a TCP device.

Is this possible?


Hi, tristan. Welcome to the forums!

Once you set up the TCP driver, there is an OPC tag available called “Writable”. That’s where you can send data to the device.

Hope this helps!

Sorry for the crappy screenshot. I’m not in front of my usual development machine… :slight_smile:

Thanks! That worked perfectly