Sending Emails / configuring SMTP profile using OAuth

Hi Guys,

We had been using simple authentication in our SMTP profile for sending emails. But now the authentication method is changing to use Oauth 2.0. Unable to find a way to do this for SMTP in particular. Our perspective application uses AD for authentication.

We don’t have any support for OAuth (“modern” as Office 365 calls it) authentication in SMTP profiles right now, but it’s on our radar and coming eventually. A spec document for it was finished recently, so progress is being made…

Thanks for your reply. By when do you think this will be available? And does it mean our email functionality will stop working till that time? How does the Identity Provider configuration work? will it help if we configure it there?

I don’t know, it’s too early to guess. It hasn’t landed in any development team’s sprint yet and it’s a complicated set of changes that need to be introduced.

That depends on your email provider and whether they do a hard cut off on classic SMTP auth. My understanding is that while Gmail and Office 365 have disabled it by default they still have some way of enabling “legacy access” or “insecure access” or whatever scary name they’ve given it.

I’m not sure how Identity Providers have anything to do with this.

Can you use a different SMTP provider?

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To my knowledge, Gmail has now permanently disabled insecure access, and Office 365 plans to follow suit later this year. Is there still no solution for Ignition to use these popular email accounts? Still no plans to develop a solution in the near future?

We have something in development right now but it’s not near done enough to give you a timeline.

AFAIK the you can still access both O365 and Gmail by jumping through some hoops about “insecure applications” and generating app-specific keys.