Sending file from Ignition to Teams channel

Hi everyone,
I have a query in which can we also send files to a team's channel? I know we can send notifications/messages to a particular team's channel/group, but I want to send some pdf, txt, and even some video files from the ignition. The data will be stored locally or in DB so I need to fetch the data and send it to Teams.

My requirement is like to

  1. Fetch the data from local storage or from a database.
  2. Send the same to teams from Ignition.
    Any idea on how I can achieve this? Thank you in advance.

Hello Everyone ,
Any idea on this, how we can achieve this?

There are forum topics on sending messages to Teams via their API. Start there. Your goal, if possible, would naturally be some related part of the Teams external API.

It looks like you are going to have to blaze the trail for the rest of us. Please report back when you have it working.

Thank you @pturmel, I will check on those, Actually, I was able to send messages to the team channel, but I want to send some files as well for eg: I'm able to send messages to the channel using incoming webhook, But it is not accepting the Files and throwing error, I don't know whether I'm trying it wrong, that's why I connected with our experienced and supportive team in this forum.

It doesnt look like teams supports file attachments using the webhooks.
you'll probably need a bot

you'll have to send a file to a drive where the bot than can distribute it on teams

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Thank you, Is it possible that you can share me little bit more info on the same.

i have no experience with this sorry.
i know how to use api's so i looked for that but i saw it was not supported and that you had to use bots, so i linked the bots page.

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No Issues, I will check. Thanks for the support.