Sending messages in the forum

I have a message in my “Outbox”, which was a response to a private message I received. I have not seen this on other forums.
How come it did not “Send” automatically (there is not “Send” button in my "Outbox"anyway).

FAQ said to “contact a board administrator”…but that seems like a “Catch 22”… since I cannot “Send” messages…lol.

I am confused??

I believe private messages show up in your outbox until the recipient clicks on them, at which point they move to your sent items folder.

There’s a lot of confusing things about this forum. phpBB is far from the pinnacle of human achievement.

Hmmm…thanks for the answer.

It is better than the Microsoft Visual Studio forum.
No option for “email notification on reply”…which is horrible.
I wait 4 days for a reply and by that time I am not even going there everyday to look for the reply.
I have spent over a month trying to fix a problem with a .Net Framework 4 install failure, and in that time we have only exchanged about 4 posts.

My suggestion for good forum software…

I tested this out and this appears to be the case - it will stay in the outbox until the user on the other end clicks on it, and at that point will move to the “sent messages” folder.

I like this ‘Feature’. It lets me know if I’m being ignored :slight_smile: