sendMessage from transform script in perspective

Hi all,
I'm trying to use system.perspective.sendMessage() from transform script that is made from property binding on component. I'm unable to call the messageHandler after several attempts.
I'm I doing something wrong?

It should be able to work. Are you sure you have specified all the parameters correctly, particularly the scope?

I would however recommend against doing such actions in a script transform. The intention of the script transform is to take the incoming value, manipulate or validate it, and return the modified result. Perhaps a change script is better suited.


Yes, I had set the scope to 'session' in both places

I tried to change a parameter for the condition for which the sendMessage() should be executed and added the sendMessage() script on value change of the parameter. It still doesn't work.

You will have to post the code of the message sender and handler


Do you see anything in the logs?

Perhaps it is trying to handle the message but failing because of some mistake in the script. Those errors would be logged.

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I had checked the logs, didn't find any errors.