sendRequest and return dataset


Is it possible to use the system.util.sendRequest to retrieve a dataset from another gateway?
I can return a single value, but if I try to return a dataset I get a timeout. The dataset I’m testing with, only has 2x2 records, so I don’t think the timeout is because of a large number of data.

You should be able to retrieve any Java Serializable object with sendRequest, so datasets shouldn’t be a problem. Double check your security zones if you have any set on the request handler, and turn the logger for “Scripting.Message” to trace.

I have created this messageHandler, no restrictions.
Not using the payload messages for testing purposes :slight_smile: They are supposed to be in the query.

Running it like this gives me the following log:

If I change the return statement to “return queryDS[0][1]”, the correct value is returned…
Is there something I’m missing?

Everything looks like it should be good. You might email support and have them help figure out what’s going on with this.