Separate project for Transaction Groups

In the training videos Travis mentions creating a second project just for Transaction Groups, a benefit being that if you make changes to the Transaction Groups those saves of the project don’t get seen by clients of the ‘Main’ project since they are separate projects.

This has me wondering if I would lose any functionality if I set-up a system this way? For instance if I set-up a ‘Main’ project and a ‘Transaction Groups’ project and I created an Alert on one of my transaction groups, could that Alert be seen by the ‘Main’ project? Or can my ‘Transaction Groups’ project access/reference and SQLTag created in the ‘Main’ project?

Trying to figure out what I would be losing/gaining by creating two projects.

Yes, the alerts will be seen on other projects. The transaction groups run on the server and communicate with tags and the database. Both of those are available to any project.