Separate user name and passwords for dfferent projects

I know that one can make multiple projects in a single gateway, but the SQL database and devices are shared.
I would like to know if it is possible to create projects which have separate user names and passwords ?
I have an application in mind where I will use the same tags in two different projects, for two different users who should not access the others project.

Project 1 UserNAme1 Password1

Project 2 UserName2 Password2

Is this possible ?

Looking forward to your reply.

either make a new database for each project or when you setup a new authentication profile, change the default names of the tables that the user information is stored in. it gives you this option in “database properties” when you create the new authentication profile.

You can also use the same database tables to store all username and passwords in but have an additional field that marks which project a user is assigned to. You can create three authentication profiles where you can specify your own SQL queries for authentication under the Advanced properties. This does require the knowledge of the SQL language and we can help you out if you get stuck.