Separating alarms

We have setup multiple alarm profiles - One general alarm profile, and three specific. How do we get the general profile to only recognize and log the alarms that are [i]not[i] in any of the three specific profiles, and vice-versa. We have the specific alarms filtered by System (SQL.xtag) via setting up different OPC drivers to the same PLC, so they are good, but how can we tell the general alarm to ignore all of those tags?

You can put those tags into separate tag databases. You can add more than one tag database that are stored internally. The system would be different for each one so you can make three storage profiles specifying a different system.

Travis, Thank you for your reply. We tried that, but regardless of which ‘system’ the tags are in, they only are logged (in alarming) under the same original system. I.e. - when we filter based on system, all tags are coming up as being in one system, not different ones. Additionally, when we filter based on path, that particular alarm storage stops receiving ALL alarms, not just the filtered ones. When we tried it this morning, the path filtering worked for a few minutes, then stopped working. We are using 7.5.4.
Reviewing the forum it seems as though some others have had similar issues, but it was unclear if they were resolved for 755. Can you shed some light on this? Thanks.