Sepasoft Barcode scanner configuration

Hi team,

I have installed the Sepasoft Barcode Scanner module in Vision for an application. I need to configure it so that the scanned data can be retrieved without requiring the user to manually focus on the input field.

I have successfully tested this with a Newland scanner using a prefix (preamble: \u0021) and it worked well. However, the customer wants to use various scanners like Zebra, Honeywell, and Rugtec, with barcodes containing only text and no prefix or suffix.

I am not very familiar with preambles, postambles, or separators. Leaving these fields empty causes an error. What should I use for the preamble to ensure that any scanner can be used to scan the barcodes successfully?

Could you please assist with this configuration?

Thank you.

How will the module know, when to start capturing the input, if there is no prefix?

In every barcode scanner I've used, I've set the prefix in the config tool for that scanner and used that in the Barcode Scanner Module for preamble...

But why should i have to configure if my barcode scanned text doesnt have prefix?

I cannot leave this field empty?!

As noted, with no prefix or suffix, there's no way to handle such scanners with generic keyboard-based methods.

Since you are using Vision, you have to option to set up a local serial port for a scanner, and run a background jython task to monitor it for scans. Such a task can handle any kind of input, and deliver the scans unambiguously to Vision Client tags.

No. This component monitors all keyboard input and must have a preamble (prefix) so it knows when to start buffering input as a scan versus someone typing. I recommend using a suffix as well.

Barcode Scanner MES 3.0 (

Where do we write the Jython task to monitor the process? Is this needed on top of reading it using sepasoft?

You typically would write the task in the project library, and start it with a client startup event. It would be entirely independent of the Sepasoft component.


(Read the inner linked topics, too.)