Sepasoft Barcode Scanner: Re-intialize scanning listener?

A lot of my projects rely on the Sepasoft barcode scanning component and it works great. However, I’ve run into an issue with needing two of these for one project.

I have a project that uses the scanning component which initializes a listener. I also have a shared window resource that also makes use of the scanning component and can be accessed from the aforementioned project. The shared window scanning component does not get initialized so the project’s scanner eats up any scans intended for the shared window’s scanner.

Any ideas on how they could be re-initialized?

Looks like I have to make the shared window resource a stand-alone project and use system.util.retarget()

I’m using the Sepasoft Barcode scanner for login with an RFID card.
I always have the Barcode scanner component on the top docked window which is always shown, so users can log in from everywhere in the client.
The problem is when I want to use the Barcode scanner component also for creating new users or editing existing users (user administration).
Apparently, you can’t have two Barcode scanner components at the same time on the screen, even on the different window (I have my second in the popup window).
I have contacted Sepasoft support two months ago about, how Enabled property has no effect (and there is no enabled property in bindings for Barcode scanner component). Still no news from them…

Currently, I’m replacing the top docked window with the duplicate of that window but without the Barcode scanner component on it. And then I’m loading/showing my popup with User administrations with another Barcode scanner component in it. And when The popup is closed, I’m replacing the top docked window back with the original one.

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I just ping them (Sepasoft support) and this is the answer:


I have raised the priority of the Development request and contacted our Dev Manager.

I will let you know what this is fixed and released 

thank you for your patience

Sepasoft Support Team
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Being able to enable and disable the component would be an awesome addition. (I had tried the enable/disable approach a long time ago and noticed it didn’t work).

One of my work-arounds was to add a leading char to the barcode that determines the type of scan and how it should be handled.

Thank you @zxcslo, your reply gave me a small revelation :slight_smile: It turns out that my previous window swap should work with the barcode component as is. It didn’t because my first window with the scanner wasn’t actually closed when the other one opened.

Even though the window names were different, Ignition was treating the navigation as if the two windows were the same. It turns out, I had both window’s Title (under Appearance properties) as Main Window. Once I renamed the shared window’s title to Shared Window, everything worked as I intended! Appreciate your responses!

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