Sepasoft Counters not working correctly

Hi there,

I am using Sepasoft OEE module. One of the equipment i am having issues with has Total and Good counters.

Initially i understood that Reject = Total - Good. Where Reject is actual counter and total and good are positive change counters.

Sometimes Reject goes negative!... am I doing anything wrong here?

Please advise.


If I understand your configuration correctly you have set up the equipment to have

Total as your Infeed Counter
Good as your Outfeed Counter

The mistake is that you are setting up Reject as a calculation of the difference of those two counters and feeding that into Sepasoft. Instead you should just not create or assign a reject counter and let Sepasoft determine your reject count based on the difference between the Infeed and the Outfeed. Setting Up Production Counters - MES Platform 3.0 - Sepasoft MES Help Documentation

When an OEE Line does not define a reject counter, rejects will be determined automatically by the OEE module in this way:
All cell reject counters under that line will be summed to determine the reject count for the line
If there are no reject counter defined for any cell under the line then the difference between the Infeed counter and the Outfeed counter will be used.

Production Counter Assignments - MES Platform 3.0 - Sepasoft MES Help Documentation Check out scenario 7.

If you want a specific Reject counter you would need a device to measure that reject specifically and pull that in to match scenario 8.

The other issue I have is.

This is only 1 equipment on Automation line. I have total 2 equipments.

each has infeed and outfeed.

Based on your description, will sepasoft take 2 infeed counters? and 2 outfeed counters and only 1 reject if not defined? if so, it would be incorrect. How to best deal with this.

Thanks for the response above.

I'd recommend setting up a call with Sepasoft to do a quick 30 minute design session to make sure your setting up correctly for what you want to get out of the system. Having a flow chart of the line process and equipment cells and location of your counters and what they are for are helpful.

That being said the KB article below covers your use case and specifies that you would want to set up an infeed/outfeed for each equipment cell and this would enable potential multi-work order capability if that is desired.

Edit: I'm assuming in the above that the two equipment cells are Step 1, Step 2. If the equipment cells are parallel and both doing the same process that would be a bit different.

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