Sepasoft downtime mesAnalysisSelector dropdown not displaying correctly on runtime

Hi All,

For some reason the dropdown menu to select one of the analyses setting is not showing correctly when I run the project in web. I have tried all browsers and I have played with page zoom with no success. When I preview the View within designer it works fine and shows me my saved analyses.

Selector in runtime:

Selector in preview mode from designer:
dorpdown in test

I am using Gateway version 8.1.12 and Sepasoft modules version 3.81.4

Any ideas or recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Daniel,

You need to be logged in to the Perspective session to access Analysis.

There are security settings as you were creating the analysis settings to dictate user role functionality.

You'd need to be logged in for us to know what analysis settings you can read/edit.

Thanks Jesse. Fixed!