Sepasoft Machine Learning to predict production rate

Questions for General discussion.

I watched below vedio 3 times . And thinks about which data should be trained to be able to get the prediction target rate based on the input value ?
As per explanation there is a lot of date used to train the prediction module.
Could you specify summary of these data ?

From Sepasoft blog:


Very Informative Video
One of the key factors in determining the production performance of oil/gas reservoirs is to establish the value of the variables influencing the two-phase flow rate in oil and gas wells Lak et al. [2014]; Choubineh et al. [2017]; Ghorbani et al. [2017b]Mirzaei-Paiaman and Salavati [2013]To determine the flow rate of each well (gas with condensate/oil), to control and stabilize the flow, and to prevent reservoir damage by creating a back pressure on the reservoir, a well reducer is typically installed (Ghorbani et al. [2019]