Sepasoft MES for Perspective

Has anyone else tried to use the mesAnalysisController? Has anyone found any examples or help on any of the new 3.0 mes perspective modules?

I’m attempting to complete the props. end and start dates make sense. the selectedanalysisName makes sense. I would expect adding a property for equipment path is clear and simple. But how do you make this execute to fetch the data. I’m guessing the dataset will show up under the data structure. Any help if others have gotten further is appreciated. I will add more if I figure it out…


Hi Joe,

The documentation for the Perspective Analysis Controller can be found here:

You’ll need to add a filterParam of Equipment Path to pass in. It should match your @eqPath or @Path (whatever string name you used for analysis). I like binding that to an MES Object Selector’s Selected Equipment Path property.

You will likely want to select the refreshOnSettingsChange property once you have all the fields necessary. It is also helpful to keep an eye on the Message property to see if there are any issues with your configuration. I like binding that to a label on screen while testing.

There is also an executeAnalysis() component function if you wanted to force execute behind a button or event. This triggers an execution of analysis with your current settings.