Sepasoft module permissions required for tag picker feature trending?

What is the minimum permission set for a user to use the tag picker features to generate trends and reports on the fly in perspective?

Are you referring to Live Analysis settings in the Equipment Manager (3.0)?

I believe so.

Some users can’t use it. They can access other perspective pages.

So I wanted to know what permissions minimum are required to use the feature?

The Equipment Manager has properties to enable/disable functionality. You can write an expression to enable or disable a given feature. Take a look in the designer to see the properties.

You might be referring to the Analysis Selector, which users have to be logged in to use. From there, users can create analyses themselves and enable role permissions per analysis setting.

You can find more info here:



what are the minimum permissions to access and execute the analysis selector in perspective?

I have uses, but when they login, the page does not load correctly as it does with admins.

I can’t view that side of it. I need to be able to communicate what I need changed to the people who do have access.

There aren’t minimum permissions, only that the user is logged in.

What do you mean when you say the page does not load correctly?

You might get with your Ignition developer if you don’t have access to the designer.

The user logsin, they can see the component when the project has it set to public, but then they have to login again to use it and that loops

if the project is set to authenticated, then the login just loops for them

I have contacted Ignition support. we are contacting our software implementer next.

I was hoping it was simple answer like in the X location the Z permission needs to be set to Y

Try creating a view with no 3rd-party components and that requires auth. See if you have an auth problem, not a Sepasoft problem.

I was told the users were setup.
I don’t have access to setup users to be authenticated.
So what check box(es) to I inquire about being for sure checked to make sure they are authenticated users?

I mean, I know they are getting authenticated when they login, or at least I think that is what the looping is about.

How can you possibly develop for this client under such restrictions? There’s no dev setup that properly mimics their environment? IMNSHO, they need to fix this themselves or give you the access you need. Really. In your shoes, I think I’d seriously consider firing such an unreasonable client.

I have been informed that there is a way to work around limitations of the authentication.

I was informed that I can use system.mes.analysis.createMESAnalysisSettings(…) and system.mes.analysis.executeAnalysis(…) to build an analysis page that doesn’t require the authentication.

What does that look like doing?

OEE:SCR: Configure Analysis Scripts - MES 3.0 Training Manual - Sepasoft MES Help Documentation
Is it this? or is there some other instruction set on how?

I think I need to ask that person

I am one engineer at one facility.
I think I am “building a ship in a bottle” so that my building doesn’t interrupt the other ship builders.

@zacharyw.larson we offer free design services.

I suggest you schedule some time with our design team to review what you are looking to achieve.

Here is the link to set that up: Calendly - MES Demos

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