Sepasoft modules show fault status in ignition 8

I install ignition 8.0.0 stable release with Sepasoft modules and see the all of Sepasoft modules show faulted status.

I haven’t seen their modules released for v8 yet.

@pturmel is correct, some of Sepasoft’s modules may not yet be ready for 8.0.0.

It looks like they have some documentation on the matter:

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Does 8.0 compatibility on the Sepasoft modules translate to 8.01 compatibility?

I have a customer that has the Sepasoft modules and has AB PLCs for the most part. There is a semi-rare AB OPC timeout bug that gets fixed in 8.01. We’re planning to upgrade directly to 8.01 but I’m trying to determine if their Sepasoft modules will break at that time.

In theory it should. Although technically the folks at Sepasoft would better be able to answer that question.