Sepasoft OEE Scheduling

I’m having trouble getting runs to start automatically and I’m not sure why… back in version 1 I had some scripts run to automatically schedule runs but from the information I’m reading now it seems very different. I tried creating a large work order and dragging it down to the schedule viewer and it populates but it won’t start the run automatically for some reason. I also have the line set for a production schedule and it doesn’t seem to want to schedule that work order across multiple days according to the production schedule, it just displays as a solid bar all the way until the end.

This line only runs one kind of product so really all I want to do is schedule that for whenever the line is supposed to be running and start it automatically. What is the best way to do that?

The operation needs to have the begin trigger to be set to ‘Auto’ and the Mode needs to be ‘Schedule (Time)’. The changeover segment also needs to have the begin trigger set to ‘Auto’. There is some more information here Create an Operation that will start Automatically, on Schedule - Knowledge Base - Sepasoft MES Help Documentation
If the schedule is correctly set up to auto begin, it should be yellow in the schedule view.
I hope this helps.

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Oh, I see… I saw that but mine looked different. I didn’t realize there were different modes of the Object Editor component. Now I made it so I can switch between the different modes and I think I see how to make it work. Thanks!