Sepasoft Perspective Modules Timeline

Does anyone at Sepasoft know an approximate timeline for expected Perspective support for the Settings & Changeover module specifically?

I'm trying to decide between Vision vs Perspective and/or Sepasoft vs in-house for a new client. Since they're new to Ignition, I'd like to use Perspective for long-term support, and the Settings & Changeover module from Sepasoft could be a real time-saver. Unfortunately, Perspective components for that module are still under development, and I'd prefer to not start a new client on Vision if I can help it. Does anyone know when I'll be able to have my cake and eat it too?

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I don't work at sepasoft, but from my understanding its a targeted release of Q2 2023, but that's a target

EDIT: Depending on timeline and budget, you could always build whats necessary yourself in Perspective to get them going, and then update to replace what you built when the final modules are released.

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Do you think I'd be able to use Vision for now instead? Could I set them up with Sepasoft in Vision and later convert to Perspective without too much hassle?

I would presume so if the client already has a Vision license. I know that in other Vision-Perspective component conversions it was fairly straightforward, once the bugs had been worked out in the first-pass Perspective components.

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