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I want to post a table of some of the OEE data on a display page in perspective.
I don’t have access to the tags though. So I need to use some MES scripting.

I was looking at the instructions on how like this one.

I need help filling in the gaps between what I want to do and the available instruction.
Is there a more detailed guide on how to do this?

Hi Zachary,

What kind of data are you looking for?

Calculated OEE Data?

The link you posted is how you would execute analysis in a script. From there you can parse the response and push to a display.

Notice, you’ll need a start and end date here.

Live Analysis is another option, but you would need access to the MES tag provider.

If I just pick three for now, then:
OEE Availability
Planned Downtime

I need details like:
I can put this code in x location.
I can then set the datapoints in my table to x to get the data to show up.

Once I have some data showing up, I think I can do some testing and get it to work for my screen.
Feels like building a ship in a bottle when I don’t have access to tags.
It seems like a powerful tool that I don’t know how to use yet also.

I might be doing this all wrong.
Maybe it would be easier if I knew how to write the individual OEE calculations into tags. Historize them. Then make pages in perspective.
I think they are already being historized though so that seems redundant.

You can run that script from anywhere but my message in a bottle would be to exercise caution if putting it into client scripts.

If you build this into your client screen and 100 clients are launched with this screen, the analysis will execute 100x - 1 for each client.

Depending on the number of machine state changes and the time period used, this could be an expensive calculation.

Where do you recommend that I place the script so that I can put the data into a dataset once on a schedule?

Creating analysis is ok, trying to put them on tags sounds unnecessary. Is irrelevant where you place your code as long is callable from your view. The logic place is at the table itself. Use refresh binding and send message to trigger another script execution.

I don’t know where the Refresh Binding is.
Do you mean to use an expression binding for refreshing?
Or am I on a different version of Ignition?

Maybe the table is too complicated for me right now.
How do I get a datapoint from the MES analysis to a label?
For example, the downtime for the last day, how do I put that into a label to display without any inputs on the view.

Is there a tutorial for writing from MES analysis to a perspective page without having inputs on the page?

I found the training videos on the Sepasoft site. I watched the ones for scripting. Seems like most use a button or there is one that used a gateway script. The videos are in older versions of Ignition, and I am not sure where those locations are.

I am going to look at the ignition videos for more information on the client vs gateway scripts.
I currently have a script that lets me read dictionary values to a screen. I think it is on the client side, so the view is being processed on each client.

I still need some help to put OEE data into a table on a perspective page from scripting.
I am very lost in how to do it.

I thought some combination of system.mes.analysis.createMESAnalysisSetting and the execute version of that function would together let me make a dataset.

I then thought I could set that dataset to the datapoints in a table.

I wanted the time to be over the last week for the data.
I think I need a tutorial.


Likely, the Analysis Controller will be helpful for you.

If further help is needed, feel free to schedule some design consulting time with us here:

Design Consultation

Thanks anyway. That seems formal.