Sepasoft Sublots

Don’t know if this is the best place but here goes, man I wish Sepasoft had a forum!

I am really struggling with the concept of sublots and would be eternally grateful if someone could help me clarify things.

My 'simplified ’ use case (operations segments) is as follows:

  • WINDING - We wind textile spools from a continuous production line.
  • SPOOL CREATE - When the spool completes it’s winding, an Operations segment then creates the lot. Material in is the raw material, material out is a SPOOL and it has a unique Lot Number.
  • PACKAGING - (This is where I am struggling) Currently, completed spools are placed into boxes for shipping, 50 spools per box. The box is given a unique Lot Number so we now have a Lot containing 50 individual spools. Is this a use-case for sublots? I cannot see how to do this, given the sublot functions available to me:
    addSublots(materialPropertyName, countToAdd)
    addSublot(materialPropertyName, sublotName)

Does a Process Segment that creates a lot with sublots have a Material ‘In’ definition?
How does one add existing material lots as sublots of a material lot?