Sepasoft Web Services and SOAP requests: issues on WSDL parsing

I'm on Ignition 8.1.21 trying to figure out what is a good alternative to python suds library for SOAP requests (suds seems to be deprecated).
I'm evaluating the Sepasoft Web Services module and try to connect to a public SOAP endpoint:
If I try to create a new SOAP Consumer configuration with that URL, I get the following exception:

com.inductiveautomation.ignition.client.gateway_interface.GatewayException: null
Caused by: java.lang.StackOverflowError

If I try to consume the same endpoint using suds, it works perfectly!
Then my question to those of you that have hands-on experience with that module: is Sepasoft module really a good alternative to python suds, considering that the python module is free too?

Thanks in advance, regards