Sepasoft webservice module not eligible for Maker edition

Hey guys,

I was just wondering if Sepasoft’s “Web Services Module for Ignition” is available to be used with Ignition maker edition 8.1.5 .

While the module is shown on Ignition maker website (in a way that suggests that it is available in maker), I could not find a compatible module (platform 3 or 2) which would not fault with error message “Not eligible for use with Ignition Maker Edition”.

What am I missing :slight_smile: ?


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Sepasoft is commercial only. Maker is non-commercial only. If you want to use Sepasoft you must use the full blown licensed Ignition platform.

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Ok so I guess it’s a mistake that sepasoft web services module is mentioned here.

I went to that link and Ctrl+F’d “Sepa”. It appears in the footer, that’s the main Inductive website. It doesn’t appear anywhere within the text of the Maker body page.

Edit: ok so it’s not Sepa, yes I see now that one module.

@mark.french ?

Anyone has an update on this one?

This is going to be resolved in our next maintenance release which is scheduled to be released at the end of the month on 8/31. With that update the Web Services module should work correctly with Maker edition.

Sepasoft Support

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