Sepasoft - Write it or buy it? Review?

So, I’m torn over whether to buy Sepasoft for OEE, track and Trace and SPC functionality or just write the required functionality for my project. I’ve done most of the Sepasoft online courses and quite like their approach. In no particular order:

  1. My requirements are probably about 10% of the the functionality of the various Sepasoft.

  2. I could absolutely write the required functionality but:
    a) Limited end-user configuration after the fact.
    b) Limited conformance to any standards.
    c) Support
    d) Not an expert in this area but I can eventually figure it out.
    e) Not sure on the financial advantage.
    f) May be significant time investment.

  3. I could buy Sepasoft but:
    a) Tied to vendor forever.
    b) Dependant on vendor for bug fixes.
    c) Dependant on vendor support.
    d) Tied to vendor functionality.
    e) Support fees.
    f) Versioning issues.
    g) Initial costs are relatively high for a couple of machines.
    h) Have to figure out vendor database for any custom work and see (f).

What say those who have used Sepasoft and those that have spun up their own implementations?

Thanks in advance!

Cheers, Sean

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I implemented a home-grown OEE on two plants about 4 years ago. I was able to develop what I needed at the time but support issues that came up along the way convinced me to re-visit the idea of the Sepasoft Modules. I’ve been preparing for a new plant and opted to go with Sepasoft for OEE, Recipe, SPC, Barcode Scanning and Web Services. (Our SAP system provides our required Track and Trace functionality.)
I was able to invest in the Design Consulting Services from Sepasoft and have been very pleased with the help provided. The design consulting was able to keep me productive in spite of the significant learning curve. The scripting functionality within Sepasoft would probably keep you from needing to dig into the underlying database structure. I found reviewing the data structure useful to understand the relationship between the objects. But where I needed customization, I was able to use scripting and “Custom Properties”.
From my perspective, having the backing of Sepasoft for continued development of functionality, support and bug fixes is an advantage over me trying to do it all myself.



Hi Paul,

Thanks a bunch for the feedback! I do appreciate it.

Cheers, Sean


I’m happy to get on a call with you, talk through your requirements and advise if our modules are a good fit or not for your use case. Let us know:


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Thanks Mark! I’ll PM you.

CHeers, Sean

Curious if there are further updates to your SEPASOFT OEED experience ?

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