Sequentially Send Alert Text Messages to Contacts

I have searched the forum and IA webiste high and low to no avail. Why am I surprised that no one else has needed this functionality?

Has anyone attempted (and been successful) at using scripting or some other means to sequentially send out alert messages to a contacts list?

Here is the sequence I was hoping for:

  1. Alert becomes active.
  2. Send alert message to first contact on the call list (notification group).
  3. Wait 5 minutes. If first contact logs on and acknowledges alarm within 5 minutes, all is good.
  4. If first contact does not log on and acknowledge alert, send alert message to second contact on the call list, and so on…

Seems like it would be possible. Maybe with a gateway tag change script.

I am trying to avoid having to use Win911 with Ignition since it sounds a bit challenging.

Any ideas?

This is not currently possible. This sounds a lot like alarm escalation. The devs are planing an overhaul of the alerting system which should include this. Make sure you add this as a feature request to get it in.

For that sort of thing, I’d make it an analog alarm. Each range can be escalated and a different notification done for each.

seems like you could build a fancy script to do this.

I’m going to resurrect this for a moment.

How many people in the list?

What happens at the end of the list? Does it give up or start over at the beginning?

TopView SQL from Exele can do what you need by using the SQL tables in Ignition.

We have added some details of integrating TopView SQL to Ignition. … /index.htm