Serial ASCII Communication with Ignition

Dear all,

I am trying to integrate a check weigher instrument with Ignition.
The check weigher native communication protocol is RS485 with ASCII format.

In previous project, I used to create a Windows application/service to read the ASCII data then forward the data to SQL and other Windows application/service.

I am just wondering if there’s a way to do this via Ignition?

I am using Ignition v8.0.1 Edge.

Any help or ideas will be much appreciated.

Not with Edge. It doesn’t permit gateway scripting, nor does it permit SQL access.
In a standard install, this is relatively easy in combination with the Serial Module. Or if you are using a TCP-to-serial converter, with native Java networking.

This topic might be helpful:

What flavor of Edge are you using? I believe with Panel you should have scripting enabled - not sure if the serial scripts will work in that configuration but not sure why they wouldn’t.

If the check weigher sends data unsolicited then a serial to ethernet gateway with the TCP/IP driver could work. There is also an open source version of a TCP/IP module on GitHub which has a couple more features than the native TCP/IP driver that we’ve used with a vision system:

Another option to look at if those don’t work for you would be UCON driver from Kepware.

Good luck!

I should have clarified that with Edge Panel that client scripting is enabled - not the gateway scope as Phil mentioned but I believe the system.serial functions should work in the client scope. I very well could be wrong though.

Yes, this might be an option. I don’t know if you can get the serial modules for Edge, though.

Edge doesn’t allow arbitrary third-party module installs. Not even the ones in the Showcase.

Yes, I think this would work.

The native TCP/IP driver could still be an option.