Serial Communication using barcode reader

I am trying to setup a serial data tap to read from a barcode scanner using the Serial Support Module, but I keep running into the Trial Expired error. Is there a full licensed version of this module somewhere? Or is there another option to serial communication to use that doesn’t require you to purchase a module? I also tested Sepasoft’s modules, but got the same “Trial Expired” before I could even use it.

As modules go, at only $350, it’s pretty cheap. You can reset the trial on your licensed gateway to let the unlicensed modules run for two hours at a time. So you can test your code to see if you want to spend the $$.
The module has a been a solid performer for my customers – I wouldn’t screw around trying to roll my own.

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Thanks for the quick response! I’ll test my script after resetting the trial to see if this the right module for my case.