Serial controller

Hello everyone.
I´m stuck with a project related with RS485 communication and I hope some of you guys have an idea of viability.
I have a printer ANSER U2 which use RS485 protocol, additionally I have Serial Support Client module and Serial Support Gateway module installed.
What I´m trying to do is send a message from pc to printer but is seems like is not responding .
I validate the port data on the console and it seems like working.
Some of you have been working with this printers and ignition?

RS485 is not really a protocol. It’s the interface.
Can’t you print using the ANSER driver?

Hello gilberto.murillo,

do you have any success with connect to ANSER U2 throught any RS interface? I must make a program to communicate with this printer but I can’t find any help from Anser.

Hello everyone
At the moment the only way to print from pc is using the U2 interface and special cable.
I have the manual reference from where I got this info.
I contact Anser U2 from north america but this guys are only sales not technical support.

please share a location or email to send the reference guide