Serial IO On Raspberry PI


I have been trying out an Ignition Client on a Raspberry Pi B Version 2, It is now much more capable than previous version.

One issue I have which may just be a lack of understanding linux,

I wish to connect a barcode scanner using a USB/Serial adaptor and have installed it and it appears as dex/ttyUSB0 when I do a ‘ls -l \dev\tty*’ command.

When I try to start the open the port in the ignition client via script I get the following error

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Serialio.SerialPortLocal.SerOpenPort(LSerialio/SerialConfig:)I

The previous command to configure the serial port does not throw and error so I believe the serial module has to be present.

I have Ignition 7.7.3 and Serial Client Module 2.73 installed

Code Used on Button



Any help appreciated


The serial module packages up some native libraries for each platform that allow serial port access, and unfortunately the module doesn’t include ARM binaries right now, so it won’t work on the RPi. I’ll check and find out if ARM binaries are included with the library we’re using or not.

Would like to know other than the serial issue how is the general performance of a client on a RPI?
I am looking to use it as a remote viewer.

Thank you. :smiley:

Sorry to dig up an old post, but we are having the same problem. Was this ever resolved with the ARM binaries since the issue came up? Thanks in advance!

No it turns out we don’t have any ARM binaries for the serial library.

You might try the Codesys runtime on it. I haven’t used the serial library, but the OPC-UA server portion of it is really slick, and I have read on their forums on how to get serial working.

Kevin. has there been any changes to the serial library binaries since the addition of ARM specific installers being released?

It looks like support from the vendor exists now. I made sure there’s a ticket in our tracker for the upgrade. When there’s a milestone assigned by the maintenance team I’ll try and remember to update this post.

Kevin. has this support been added yet ?

Is there any update on this thread? I really need this to on a Pi 3.

Sorry, nothing has changed, the issue is still open with low priority.

I have successfully implemented the JSSC (Java Simple Serial Library) on RPI 2 and 3 to retrieve date from a USB-Serial Converter into Ignition Client on the Raspberry PI. The JSSC Library can be distributed automatically from the gateway after being compressed.
Only Issue I have with the code I used is the serial library handle for the com port is lost when Ignition Updates are Sent to the RPI, but using a client script triggered on the Project Change I Forced the Client to re-launch itself which worked around this.

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