Serial module for Raspberry PI

The serial module for gateway side is not working for raspberry PI.
Is there any new Java serial library that can be used for ARM platform?

Not right now, but with the new library we’ve switched to it will be a possibility in the future.

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Can I count on it before releasing 8.1?

In ignition 8.0.6 the ‘Serial Support Gateway’ module with version 5.0.6 (b2019111216) show Running status in ARM platform. Is this mean IA change the library and now it working?

No this is just a consequence of the library change and some internal shuffling. I was unable to successfully cross compile the library for ARM in time for the release, so we had to punt on that and revisit it later.

Like 8.0.7 release? Is there any hope for that?

No, way too late. 8.0.7 has already frozen except for blocking issues.

Hi Kevin
I manage to use modbus serial on raspberry pi.
The new liberary is worked in 8.0.6.
I’m surprised

I was just looking at 8.1.4 (Maker’s Edition) on the raspberry pi, but I didn’t see the serial module. Is that something still in development?

You may need to install it separately. It looks like Maker does allow the gateway serial module.

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That was exactly what I had to do. Once the module was installed it worked perfectly, thanks.

Be careful if you want to use it for rs485 serial as media link we will see problem. Because the modbus driver doesn’t wait for response of polling, so we will see collision all the time in rs485 bus.
But if you use it for single device it works fine.

Thanks for the heads up! Fortunately, I just needed it to parse a nmea stream from a gps device. I actually ended up pivoting and am using a python script to parse the serial stream and to act as a tcp/ip modbus device serving up the parsed data.