Serial number search in docked view through session custom property

There's a docked view in which I need to search serial number in text field.
In primary view the searched serial number's details should display in each instances of flex repeater...
So,in URL it will be in a page
How can I accomplish this through session custom property and what scripting does it require in text field -docked view and repeater view
I've created custom property, how can I bring that to text field in docked view to flex repeater view

I already explained to you how to do this with a message handler...

If you want to do this with session properties, the only thing you have to do is... use a session custom property and bindings. You're making YET AGAIN another thread asking for something that's explained in details in the docs, in the inductive university, and is one of the most basic thing I can think of. Put value in variable, get value from variable.
We gave you every possible answer about this, but you NEED to LEARN THE BASICS.

I'll try and make an analogy in the hope you understand how ridiculous it's getting.
Imagine you need to drive from point A to point B.
You're asking how to turn the car on. Then how to turn left. Then how to turn the car on again.

Read the doc.
Watch the university videos.
Try things in your designer and see what happens.

Frankly, and I'm sorry if I'm a little blunt, but it's getting frustrating... why are you working on this project ? You clearly can't do this yet. How did that happen ?

I'll try one last time, but after that I'm checking out.
First, a recap of what you're trying to do:

  1. enter serial number in a field that's in a docked view
  2. get data from a database based on this serial number
  3. this data consists of a list of items, each with a status
  4. display that data with a flex repeater

solution 1, using a session custom property:

  • create session custom property
  • bind your text field to that property. Make the binding bidirectional
  • add a query binding to the instances property of your repeater
  • use the session custom property as the parameter for your query
  • change the return type of the query to json
  • add a script transform (check your other threads for the code for that transform)

solution 2, using a message handler:

  • add a custom property somewhere in the view where the repeater is (let's say the root container)
  • add a message handler somewhere in that same view (let's say on the root container too)
  • message handlers have a special parameter named payload. This payload is where you'll find data sent with the message.
  • get your data from the payload and assign it to the custom property previously created
  • add a query binding on your flex repeater, using the custom property as the parameter. (it's the same thing as in solution 1)
  • add a change script to the text field's text property
  • in this script, use system.util.sendMessage to send a message to your message handler
  • in the message's payload, send the value of your text field (accessible in the script with currentValue)

Read the documentation pages about the things you use. They detail what parameters functions expect, what methods components have, how things work, with examples and everything.

Best of luck to you.
It's 2:30 pm and I need a drink.