Serial to ethernet

I think I may be in the right place for such a question… I have a mettler toledo weigh scale with a serial port. I was looking for the best option for a serial to Ethernet converter that I can assign an IP to that Ignition will recognize and work with really well.
I really don’t want an extreme hack up, I would like to find something that works well as close to out of the box as possible. I have noticed that Python could work but since I am going to purchase something I would like it to be as compatible as possible.

I found this … 8CE69.aspx

but I was hoping someone out here had some experience to pool from.
I think that a device with built in OPC might work fine…
Looking for suggestions…

I really like this one. … 8A8AA.aspx

I like advantech because they are a US based company.

nothing but good things to say about digi and lantronix products. either of them will do the job.

I prefer the Perle convertors over the Lantronix ones.
We use a bunch of them for both rs232 and rs422/485.

I’ve also had a lot of good luck with Comtrol DeviceMaster units. I’ve never had them connect directly to ignition, I use the UCON driver in Kepware.

Here is a good solution: … 22-485/192

Which Mettler Toledo device are you connecting to?

AHA, I just verified that weigh scale and it is “mettler toledo” verified… Its not actually an ML.
It is…
SPX GSE Scale Systems
Model 675
Serial# 120751
GSE 675 “precision counting system” … t&Itemid=1

Sorry for not being accurate on my first post…

So just to be clear then:

You’re looking for a serial-to-ethernet adapter which you will use to communicate with the scale from scripting in your Ignition project, correct? (We do not have a driver for the OPC-UA server capable of talking to this scale.)

Of interest, the Serial Ports on the 675 are modbus rtu/ascii capable.

I did something similar w/ a perle sds1 where I connected a modbus serial device to the serial port, put the unit into modbus tcp gateway mode and used the Ignition-UA modbus v2 driver to poll it directly.

Sir Dravik,
Now your talking! this was exactly my thoughts. The more exact compatibility I can find within the options of the device are what I am looking for. I really like the power of ignition’s drivers for plc’s but other devices seem a little difficult. I found a VERY configurable device for serial to Ethernet. Or at least it appears to have many of the options I am looking for. One being the capability to be connected in a direct fashion to ignitions current driver list. Which as you said also depends on the options of the hardware. i.e to go into “modbus tcp gateway” mode.

One of the many devices I have found:: … ex_en.html

Your post really nails my point. This is how I want to connect the weigh scale. For the cost of everything I am almost convinced I should be looking for a different weigh-scale that has the options such as this that I am looking for rather than trying to adapt/translate…

I really appreciate all of the response to this thread. :thumb_right:

Sir Kevin.Herron,

Yes I sure am still looking around. I also have spoke with the oem of the scale at the gse-inc. He does indicate that the unit can send udp data but I haven’t drilled down better detail of this. Especially to the effect if the Modbusv2 driver would work or not… The scale has an available ethernet module add-in but when we spoke he gave information to the fact that the ethernet port would work in essence just like one that I could buy third party… Then it becomes a price/feature search…

Sir Carl.Stelling,

The Aaxeon is by far the most affordable device I have looked at by far and it appears to have all the options I am looking for to connect as a modbus serial device to the serial port.

Then put the unit into modbus tcp gateway mode and used the Ignition-UA modbus v2 driver to poll it directly.

Since via the manual of the scale says:Modbus RTU and ASCII Standard capable.
I may have found a low cost solution. I am certain I can get my manager to approve a 95.00 purchas order… :unamused:

One note. After looking at a ton of various device i really like the Aaxeon because they show the price right there. I hate filling out the “request quote” forms…