Serial "toolkit" for Integrators

I’m putting together a “toolkit” of serial and Ethernet cables and adapters. I’ll put together a few sets with cheap online prices so if anyone’s interested, I can get you set up for a reasonable price. Here’s what I have so far:

Clear plastic case to hold all
10’ Belkin laplink cable. Serial null modem cable with female DB9 & DB25 connectors on each end.
10’ red, slim CAT5e cable
slim M->F RJ-45 to crossover adapter
6 colored nylon wire straps
Null Modem Adapter DB9 Male to DB9 Female
Null Modem Adapter DB25 Male to DB25 Female
DB25 Female to Female Low Profile Parallel Gender Changer
DB25 Male to Male Low Profile Parallel Gender Changer (2)
DB9 Female to Female Low Profile Serial Gender Changer
DB 9 Male to Male Low Profile Serial Gender Changer (2)
Null Modem Adapter DB9 Male to DB9 Male (2)

You should be able to make any combination of Male or Female, Null or not, 9 or 25 pin cables - and then some. I’m at about $60 so far.

Any ideas of small, but useful converters, adapters?

I’m also putting together my own full toolkit with things like:

Multimeter w/ clamp ammeter
jumper cables
Wire strippers/crimpers
small soldering iron w/ solder
screwdrivers (large and small)
USB Flash drive
Ethernet loopback/tracing tools
Wifi detector

etc, etc.

I would not use a “wiggy”.

Stick with a real meter.

lol, the meter’s got it covered. The first post was the part that mattered. Trying to come up with a comprehensive kit for cables with a minimal number of connectors.

What do you bring along (cables and connectors not the tools)?

I have a bag of cables for the PLCs that is a disorganized rats nest. At the bottom of that is every type of connector male/male female/female etc. Whichever one I need is usually at the very bottom; Cable or connector, it makes no difference.

lol, I’ll post pictures of my kit when the orders come in. I’m trying to minimize the number of connectors and cables, as well as organize it all to simplify things.

Do you ever lose time because you don’t have the right one on hand?

How did your kit come out? Sounds promising!

I did end up putting a few kits together but didn’t really use them. The original post was from 2007.