Serialization Problem

I had just learned to deal with this problem, but I saw there were some bugs with the same issue fixed on other versions of PMI, so here goes. I have noticed that there has been an “error during serialization…” during the following process:

A text field (either numerical or regular text) is out on a container and fpmi.gui.setTouchscreenModeEnabled(1) has turned on the touchscreen mode. Now, I have PMI in Preview mode, I click on the text field and the touchscreen container pops up. At this point it doesn’t matter if I enter in new text or press cancel, but when I take PMI out of Preview mode without pressing any other buttons (focus is still on the touchscreen container I think) and try to save the project, a serialization error occurs.

Let me know if this doesn’t make sense. Thanks,
Adam Graf

What version of FactoryPMI are you using?

Version 3.2.3, but it is running on a 64 bit windows server so maybe that has something to do with it?

If you could take a screenshot of the error or use the “Report to Inductive Automation” function, or if you’d like to demonstrate this to me over GoToMeeting, that would help.

Ok, we identified the problem over the phone. It had to do with serializing while either of the text boxes had edit focus. Will be fixed in 3.2.4