Serializing Window takes over a minute

Can you explain why the attached window takes over a minute to serialize? same thing happened when I exported to attach to this post. I do not understand what is making the file so big at 1.8 MB.

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POV.vwin (1.8 MB)

I bet you have a lot of data in a dataset. Go through and remove any data from datasets and re-save the window.

I tried that with the communication to the gateway turned off before I posted the attachment in my original post. It doesn’t seem like I have all that many components of the window either.

Ok, we will take a look.

Ok the deal with this window is that the binding on the Table’s ‘data’ property his a gigantic dataset in it.

You can’t see this dataset (The table’s actual data property is small) but the binding is holding onto the last value it saw. If you simply open the binding config for while the designer traffic is off and hit OK, it’ll clear this out and the window will serialize fast again.

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