Serious memory leak in Equiqment Schedule component

I’m running Ignition clients on digital signage screens. Since the installation of this screens i had to restart the clients every couple of days. Now, i finally found some time to do a little problem research an narrowed it down to the Equiqment Schedule component.
It seems, the Items dataset is stored in some kind of internal map, even it has been replaced by a new dataset.
The screenshot shows the difference of heap usage for a project that has only an Equiqment Schedule. The Items dataset of this component is exchanged every 100ms.
This demo projects reaches the 64MB heap limit after about 6 hours. After that time the client freezes because the GC is using 100% cpu time.
The heapdump is from a machine running Java 8, but the problem is also reproducable with Java 6 or 7.
The problem should be easily reproducable with the attached project backup (the backup is from version 7.7.4).

test_es_memleak (2015-07-22).proj (24.2 KB)

Womp womp.

Thanks for the report.