Server & Client Configuration

Hi all,
I am using ignition trial version temporary till FAT of my machine
is it possible to to launch client from two different PC/Laptop?
If yes Please provide me some guideline documents.

Thank You

Yes you can do this in trial mode but when the trial ends you will need to exit client, reset timer, and re launch client.

For launching the clients browse to the server hostname:8088 and download the native client launcher on each machine you wish to run a client. There are videos on this on Inductive University.

As an extra to the above, make sure your PC’s firewall allows incoming connections for the client

If you are using Ignition Edge in your machine, then no, only one client is allowed.

Not true Phil, so long as one of the clients is the (Edge) “server”

You can have one on the same localhost as the gateway and one additional remote client


Thanks for Quick Reply.