Server Crashed with Memory PermGen Space Error

Hey guys,

I just had one of my servers crash with a Java PermGen Space memory error, whatever that means. I’ll include the wrapper log file. Once I got the server back up and running I looked at my memory trend and it seems like Ignition was incorrectly reporting how much memory it was using. There was a period of time where the RAM usage dropped way down and stayed there, which is not typical, and the CPU usage shot up. Not sure if this is related or not:

wrapper20130517.log (3.93 MB)

You must have some flags set in your ignition.conf that are causing GC information to be printed out very frequently… can you remove those lines? Just for the future… so we can make sense of the logs.

In this particular case, a logs.bin.gz might be more helpful than wrapper.log because it won’t have all the GC messages.

Yeah, I had the garbage collector logging on for a different problem a while ago and I forgot to take it off. I’ll do that this weekend. Here is the log.bin.gz file.

logs20130517.bin.gz (565 KB)

Thanks, we did find some information in the logs that is consistent with the type of crash you had. We’re getting it fixed, should be in 7.6.1-rc4 (rc3 is being uploaded now, so it won’t make it)