Server died, Advice on restoring from backups?

So we had a major server failure that took my production FPMI install w/ it. After we restored from backups it seems to have lost all of its configs and whatnot. I have file level backups of everything, just wondering on the easist way to put everything back together :slight_smile:

I think the Backup, Transfer, and Restore Guide would help.

Ahh, so there is a slight problem. I was never able to get the Download Server Backup to work. Always errored out.

Any idea on just restoring from say… a physical backup of the harddrive?

I would recommend first re-installing the software, in order to set up the limited registry stuff that’s necessary. Then, stop both the FactorySQL & FactoryPMI services.

Then, you can do the following:

In the FactorySQL directory, there was the “system_database.fdb” file. You can just copy that into the new install directory, overwriting the newer one.

Under the FactoryPMI install directory, replace the “db” folder with the matching one in your backup.

There are a few other things that might apply, but I doubt they do (for example, custom jdbc drivers). So, try that out and let us know how it goes.

On a side note: the “download server backup” errored out? Do you remember at all what it said? We’ve never had a report of a problem with that, so we’re curious…


Oh fantastic, that’s what I needed to know!

Um, iirc it generally threw an error about file not found on the download part. I’m not sure that is an issue w/ your software, as that machine has always been kind of squirrly w/ web stuff and permissions.

Once I get it back up and running, i’ll try it again and record the error if I get one.

With a little help from Travis to get my keys reset I am up and running again, thanks!

That error I get is “Internet Explorer cannot download Backup?task=backup from blahblahservernamehere”

Any hint as to why not? Do you get a similar message in a different browser (like Firefox)?

Firefox(which is forbidden on our network, Portable Apps ftw) handles the backup just fine w/ version 3.3.1(it didn’t work either w/ 3.2.5) .

My guess would be the security policy we have set on everything causing an issue.

Yeah, it probably doesn't recognize the mime type and is blocking it.