Server Settings in a VM

Hello everyone!

I’ve installed Ignition on a VM (public IP: 23.x.x.x) and i want to use this machine as a Simulator Device. I’ve already create the simulator and load the csv file. The purpose is to connect the device with a python client (free opcua), that is up and working.

My question is: how can i set Server Settings and OPC Connections?
For me is not clear at all what should i insert in “Bind Address” and “Endpoint Addresses” fields in Server Settings.

Thanks for help!

If you want to connect external clients then set Bind Address to

This might be enough, but if not then you can add the external 23.x.x.x IP to Endpoint Addresses (it’s a comma-separated list).

These changes do require a gateway restart to take effect.


I’ve only another question… should I use in Bind Address even if i know the client/s address/es?

The client address is irrelevant.

Bind address is telling the server the IP(s) of the network adapters it should be listening on. is a meta address that basically just means “all of them”.

Thanks! Now it’s much more clear and the connection worked. You were very helpful.