Service Name Clash? Dell SecureWorks

IT at my place of work just installed Dell SecureWorks on our Ignition gateway and now Ignition will not start. IT says that the SecureWorks also has a service named Ignition! In gateway control utility, when I start Ignition, it says

The Dell SecureWorks Ignition service is starting

Something of a known issue now. You’ll have to rename one of the services.

I think newer versions of our installer offer the chance to rename it?

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I’d uninstall SecureWorks. Find something else. IT needs to work with OT, not against it.

I used the 7.9.16 installer and I never saw a prompt to rename the service. Can I manually rename it somewhere? I had to uninstall the security software, then reinstall Ignition. Installing Ignition after the security install did not fix it.

Yeah I’m not sure if 7.9 installers have this.

You can change the service name in ignition.conf and then re-run the install-ignition.bat file (not the whole installer, just the batch file in the directory where you installed Ignition).

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Unfortunately, I’m left out of the loop on a lot of these type of things. But it is my responsibilty to fix things when they break. :man_facepalming:

I was able change the Ignition service name, but the GCU still is trying to use the old service name of just Ignition. I edited the conf file, then ran the install-ignition bat file. Anything else I missed?

The GCU probably has the service name hardcoded in it.

You’ll have to start/stop the service using the Windows service manager instead.

Run net start ignition or Start > Run services.msc and find it in the list. Or I think you can run start-ignition.bat as well.

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For the record. I had this and the steps to fix:

  1. uninstall the Dell Secure Works Ignition service.
  2. reboot
  3. run install-ignition.bat in the install directory. (Apparently Dell blew the service out, very rude).

Just to put a finishing touch on this, there are two ways to do this if you want to alter the Ignition service name:

7.9 and 8.1 after the install:

update the value in Ignition.conf to some other name (make sure its not already installed on the system before you modify this)

8.1 install

the installer offers the option to modify the service name in the GUI (along with feedback if its already taken) as well as in the CLI via the serviceName argument or in the interactive CLI.