Session and subscription information


In order to monitor sessions and subscriptions, I need to get information from the session and subscription according to their ID. I’ve been looking for this information in the server, but I can not find it.

anyone knows where the servers stores this information???

Thanks and regards!

To monitor client and designer sessions you can use the system.util.getSessionInfo function. More information can be found here: The only way to see subscriptions is on the Ignition Gateway status page for each client session.


Sorry, I should have included more information. I am developing a ua client that must support client redundancy, this client is been developed using prosys java sdk. the backup client receives session and subscriptions’ ids and it has to monitor the session, if a problem is detected it has to transfer subscriptions to a new session in the backup client.

So, i know the id’s, can i use it for getting the information i need?

If I understand what you’re saying correctly then this kind of information is generally exposed through the diagnostics nodes defined in “OPC UA Part 5 - Information Model”.

Unfortunately we don’t implement any of these right now so you won’t be able to get the information you are looking for. Implementing more/all of the information model is on my list of things to do before the North America interop event this year, but it’s of relatively low priority.


Ok, don’t worry about it.

thanks and regards. :smiley: